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  • B.One Eazy is an universal remote and automation Gateway that allows total control of all your Infrared (IR) controllable devices and selected Wi-Fi enabled smart home devices through a simple and easy to use mobile APP. Eazy is the solution for easy and affordable home and business automation.

    With B.One VoiceAct Smart Home Skill for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you can command and control B.One Eazy connected smart home devices via simple voice commands. VoiceAct platform provides total control of legacy and modern Infrared controlled devices like Televisions, Disc players, Air Conditioning systems and such others.

    What is B.One Eazy

    What is B.One Eazy?

    B.One Eazy is a smart universal remote controller with on-board sensors. It gives you complete control over your home’s entertainment and smart devices. Eazy works with 200,000+ devices and is built to simplify multi-device control experience by using its patent pending “Actions Framework”. Eazy makes life easier.

    Works with Wi-Fi & IR Devices

    Works with Wi-Fi & IR Devices

    B.One Eazy allows you to combine and control all your infrared remotes and supported Wi-Fi devices into one easy to use App. It’s truly a smart universal remote built to simplify your life.

    Set your own Rules

    Set your own Rules

    B.One Eazy lets you set “Actions” to automate activities combining IR and Wi-Fi devices. You can create Actions and as many Sequences as you can think of; for example, create “Good Night” Action to turn lights OFF, switch security camera ON, STOP music all this with one touch or voice command.

    Do more with B.One Eazy

    Do more with B.One Eazy

    B.One Eazy is the first smart Hub that works using Facebook and Line Messenger ChatBots. With Eazy, you can -Turn ON your TV, change channels, control volume, manage the tasks like watching movies and adjusting the house temperature using the App, Voice or ChatBots. It’s that easy.

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